• fully glazed sliding door open
  • 546 32 GALACTICA STAR (Medium)
  • Asya sliding door

High quality sliding doors

For over 15 years the Dutch company Hoefnagels has been known as a specialist in high quality sliding doors for the super yacht industry. All products are developed and produced in-house.

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  • Yard deliveries in 2016: € 927 million

    Yard deliveries in 2016: € 927 million

    Dutch superyacht builders delivered 18 yachts in 2016, valued at €927 million in 2016, grabbing a global market share of 21.6% for vessels of 30m and up, says the annual Superyacht IQ report of the Amsterdam-based Superyacht Company.

  • Dutch win at the Superyacht Awards 2017

    Dutch win at the Superyacht Awards 2017

    The World Superyacht Awards 2017, the Oscars in the superyacht world, were issued at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence last weekend. Heesen Yachts took home two of the famous Neptune statues. 

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